Van Leer Consultancy



A trainer is just as credible as how he lives his own life. Inspiration comes more from what people do themselves then what they tell you to do. In this case is Frank (1962) a classical ‘Practise what you preach’ person.

When it comes to selling, he is a top sales man, who knows how to change a fruitless situation into a promising one. Whether it is about making a cold call or delivering a compelling management presentation, Frank knows exactly how to touch people’s mind and heart and be remembered.

When it comes to his field of expertise, delivering training sessions, all of his attendant see him as one of the most pragmatic , inspiring and refreshing trainers they have worked with.

This experience combined with his convincing skills enable Frank to deliver more than 150 days of training per year, in a wide variety of organizations.

Expertly mastering these techniques allows Frank to – seemingly effortless – conduct meetings and inspire salespeople from a great variety of cultures and backgrounds from the entire world. Until today, more than 50.000 people have worked with Frank and many of them still use the principles that he taught them years ago.

His vision and method