Van Leer Consultancy

His vision and method

Frank van Leer trainingSoccer players train every day and only perform one day a week. With the goal to win. Many employees in corporations train less than once a year and are still surprised that they don’t win. Training is as normal as working.

An effective training is based on 3 elements:

1Personal credibility of the trainer.

2Originality of content of training with enough link to the daily reality of the participants.

3The accuracy of analyzing the participant’s strengths and weaknesses.

The training needs to be meaningful, spot on with feedback , delivering tools to help a person to get better and still be surprising.

In order to keep surprising his participants frank is constantly changing his exercises and improving them. By working internationally he needs to adapt to local culture and remain flexible in his approach. The mixture of anecdotes and methods from other cultures creates training sessions that change into a unique experience for the attendants.

Every training is sealed with a final meeting where the attendants have to present measurable results from the training. This final meeting ensures that participants don’t forget what they set out to do, and it gives the customer’s management a good opportunity to see results themselves.

Examples of typical results from a training session

(depending on the objectives)

  • The attendants (i.c. account managers) have closed deals faster than before because of the closing techniques they learned and practiced.
  • The attendants are able to enter at a higher level in a prospect organization and create a next step in a sales process in one meeting.
  • No more fear of cold calling: calling strangers has become a daily game
  • Corporate presentations have changed from standard power points to lively and personal stories, delivered from the heart
  • Presentations at kick offs are transformed into inspiring happenings with longer lasting effects on the audience
  • People’s attitude towards their jobs are changing in a positive way and they become proud of who they are again.


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