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Winners and Whiners (2008, Outskirts Press)

book-winners-and-whinersSales & Selling – Techniques WINNERS AND WHINERS. Useful sales information, easy to read and worthwhile to apply.

Frank van Leer is perceived as the ‘consummate coach’ by many of his attendants during his inspiring training sessions. No matter how experienced they are, more than 95 % of the participants of his sessions evaluate his course as the best they have ever taken. Different and confrontational.

Frank has trained more than 25.000 sales and account managers worldwide since he began working for himself in 1999. He has the rare talent of making complex sales situations simple and the gift of getting to the essence of every sales case in a snapshot. That is what you will experience when you read this book. He has a lot of interesting ideas and stories to share with you, varying from principles of getting what you want to examples and anecdotes how to apply these principles and techniques in your daily life.

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