Van Leer Consultancy


“We don’t do cold calling: we are professionals!”

An renowned international accountancy firm employed professionals with their own targets. However generating new business was part of their strategy, not one professional set out to make new business, let alone call new customers. “ No time, sorry!” was the most used excuse.


A 3-day training with the emphasis on why and how to create new business. Numerous ways to create up – and cross sell opportunities.

On day 3 all accountants, supervised by Frank, had to call all their contacts, old and new. A group of 10 professionals made more than 40 appointments, resulting in over 100.000 euro in new business.

All the accountants who participated in this training have experienced the success and are since the training motivated to keep doing this underestimated part of their job on a regular base.

Duration of the training: 3 days (2+1)