Van Leer Consultancy


Frank van Leer training

Frank’s services are always tailor made. The training he delivers varies from one on one coaching for board members who have to deliver a memorable presentation to a group training with account managers who struggle to meet their targets.

The seize of the group depends on the objectives. Frank can works with small teams from 6 people to large 500+ seminars. Also the length of training varies, starting with a minimum of 3 hours or half a day.

Typical bottleneck situations where Frank’s approach can make a difference:

  • A team has become too reactive and the organization needs to be inspired again how to do things differently
  • The sales team is losing too much time and effort in the proposal process but cannot analyze why this happens
  • Account managers are only talking with the same group of customers and fail to broaden their horizon
  • The company is lacking a value story to distinguish itself from the competition
  • Too often deals are lost on price and products are sold on specs instead of added value
  • The overall sales performance is too weak


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